Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.2, now with Amazon RDS support

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.2.


* Added Nagios plugin and Cacti template for Amazon RDS
* Added Nagios config template to the documentation
* Added an option to pmp-check-pt-table-checksum to check MAX(ts) of latest checksum
* Added generic Nagios plugin for PT tables
* Extended pmp-check-mysql-processlist with max user connections check
* Zabbix MySQL.running-slave item failed with MySQL 5.6 (bug 1272358)
* ss_get_mysql_stats and MariaDB does not use have_response_time_distribution (bug 1285888)
* Cacti Monitoring plugins and SNMP via TCP (bug 1268552)

Shortly about the new features.

Amazon RDS support in Nagios and Cacti.
amazon-web-services We have created the Nagios plugin and Cacti template to give you a chance to add Amazon RDS instances into your monitoring system. The plugins are getting various RDS metrics from Amazon CloudWatch. With Nagios you can have the following checks per instance: RDS Status, RDS Load Average, RDS Free Storage, RDS Free Memory. Also check out the examples of Cacti RDS graphs.

Nagios config template. We never have a good template of Nagios config in the documentation with examples on how to put together the plugins. So we have updated Configuration Best Practices section with it.

Freshness check for checksumming. A new option of the plugin pmp-check-pt-table-checksum allows you to specify an interval in days over which to ensure pt-table-checksum was run. It is useful in cases when the cron job doing the checksumming suddenly stopped working.

New generic Nagios plugin for PT tables. pmp-check-mysql-ts-count looks at a table and counts the number of rows since the last interval, and alerts if this exceeds the threshold. This could be the table referenced by tools from Percona Toolkit such as pt-deadlock-logger, pt-kill, pt-fk-error-logger, or a custom table supplied.

MySQL max user connections check. The plugin pmp-check-mysql-processlist has got a new option to alert when @@max_user_connections is configured on MySQL and any user reaches this limit.

A new tarball is available from downloads area or RPM and DEB packages from our software repositories. The plugins are fully supported for customers with a Percona Support contract and free installation services are provided as part of some contracts. In addition as part of Percona’s Remote DBA installation and setup of these tools are included with our services. You can find links to the documentation, forums and more at the project homepage.

Percona Monitoring PluginsAbout Percona Monitoring Plugins
Percona Monitoring Plugins are high-quality components to add enterprise-grade MySQL monitoring and graphing capabilities to your existing in-house, on-premises monitoring solutions. The components are designed to integrate seamlessly with widely deployed solutions such as Nagios, Cacti and Zabbix and are delivered in the form of templates, plugins, and scripts which make it easy to monitor MySQL performance.

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