Google kicks PowerPoint in the fondleslab

Slideware side blow to Apple, too

Google has launched a new iOS app for Apple’s iThings that takes aim at Microsoft’s Office for the iPad and a swipe at Apple’s productivity software.…

VMware puts VDI in the woodchipper

Project Fargo and CloudVolumes shred VDI storage requirements

VMWorld 2014  VMware has outlined a new way to do desktop virtualisation (VDI) that aims to greatly reduce the amount of storage required to deliver desktops from the data centre.…

Google ghostly graphics haunt Image search

‘Technical issue’ sees NBA star, car crash pic, in search for pancakes

A slam dunking NBA star and a fatal car crash isn’t normally what you’d expect to find when Googling for puppies, but it is exactly what users have received overnight due to some unknown perversion of Google Images.…

This is how I set about making a fortune with my own startup

Would you leave your well-paid job to chase your dream?

Doing my own ‘ting  I’m not a brilliant businessman, nor a star academic, nor a rocking developer, but I’m reasonable at a couple of those things and currently have a well-paid contract in the City (i.e. banking) where I have spent most of the last 20 years in a variety of BigCos.… killed the distro star: Why are people so bored with the top Linux makers?

Raise your hand if you’re interested – liar!

LinuxCon 2014  Matthew Miller is a little concerned. As the new project leader for the Fedora Linux distribution, he thinks Fedora 20 is great and Fedora 21, when it ships, will be the best release ever. But he worries that to everyone else, Fedora – and Linux distros in general – are getting a little, well … boring.…