Azure has put new life into Active Directory

Cynical sysadmin ventures into the blue yonder

Active Directory is dead: long live Active Directory. While Microsoft’s Windows Server Active Directory (WSAD) is unable to meet the needs of today, its younger sibling Azure Active Directory (AAD) looks set to take the world by storm.…

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Ten Mac freeware apps for your new Apple baby

The latest from the software gift horse stables

Product round-up  One saving grace of buying a shiny new Mac over a PC is certainly the lack of factory-installed bloatware. However, while Mac OS X is far from featureless, many users will find themselves headed straight to the Mac App Store or elsewhere to supplement their experience.…

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Pity the poor Windows developer: The tools for desktop development are in disarray

A Microsoft posting reveals deep-seated issues

Analysis  When Microsoft came up with Windows 8 a couple of years ago, the message was clear: the future is tablet-shaped. The Windows desktop is still there, but not much changed from Windows 7 – some things went backwards, such as translucent “Aero” windows, available in 7 but gone in 8. Now the company is scrambling to fix its desktop development tools.…

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